Friday, 12 February 2010

How to Blog For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing takes all shapes and forms. For example, there's content marketing. There is optimizing your website so Google and the other search engines like it. There's paid advertising (of course). There is also social network affiliate marketers, often reaping massive rewards because most marketers don't see that as a 'proven' way to promote. There's also bookmarking, like Digg. Then there's blogs.

Blogs, blogs, blogs.

When you blog for affiliate marketing, you take a very different role to the one that say works on a sales page. Blogging, requires a whole different way of thinking about internet marketing. Sure, you could write promotional posts and optimize them up for the search engines so that people randomly 'stumble' upon your postings. But, that's not the best way to blog for affiliate marketing.

You see, blogs are like noticeboards. Well, they are are noticeboards if you really think about it. People are drawn to different noticeboards. For example, I enjoy the latest in tech news around the world, so I visit Gizmodo from time to time. And in the latest green news, so I visit Treehugger. The point I'm trying to make here, is that both of those blogs have a massive following. Thousands of people tune in to see what the latest is.

And that is how a successful affiliate marketer will blog. They won't blog to promote products and goods and services. They'll actually promote for people to follow them, they want people to come back. Imagine you are a successful internet marketer. OK? You earn a few hundred thousand a year. What do YOU have to offer the people of the world? Why would I want to come back to your blog? What blog should you make full stop, if we back track a little.

You'd blog about internet and affiliate marketing, of course! And if you're good at what you do, you'll have the crowds teeming at the door for information they can use.

Successful people who blog for affiliate marketing don't promote in every post. No, they want to get people back, they really do. Instead, they divide it up, info, info, info, info, info, promo, info etc. Because they are highly involved in internet marketing, they will probably use different tools over the net. If they offer an affiliate service of good, they could recommend something that they actually would, well, recommend.

If you want to blog for affiliate marketing, you need to stop thinking like an affiliate marketer, and start thinking like someone who you would want to 'follow'. If you wouldn't subscribe to your own RSS feed, why would anyone else?

When you blog for affiliate marketing purposes and marketing purposes alone, you will fail. Short of getting your postings indexed which is what I mentioned earlier, if you simply try to sell products, you won't last long. I once tried to do just that, and failed miserably. If you are going to blog for affiliate marketing you really need to be doing it for the right reasons. It's because of this that I recommend that if you are brand new to the internet marketing scene, that you steer clear of blogging.

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