Friday, 12 February 2010

Copy Writing - Every Online Business Needs It

Every online Business needs a sales copy. The only contact that you are going to have with the vast majority of your potential customers is through the text on your website.

A sales copy must:

1. Immediately draw the reader in with exciting benefits so you can lead them toward the sale.

2. Establish your credibility, after all nobody will buy from you if they do not think they can trust you.

3. Explain the benefits of your product or service to your reader and show WHY they need it

4. Direct visitors through the sales process in a way that encourages the MAXIMUM number of sales.

Unless you are a massive enterprise with an established reputation that precedes you will have to have a sales copy to convenience potential customers of the value of your offer.

This type of text is designed to be catchy and grab the attention of the reader, and needs to be written with careful construction that can take the visitor by the hand and leads them through all the necessary steps in the sales process of your product. Before any person makes a purchase on line they need to know what is in it for me. They need to be convinced of the merits of your offer.

This will mean short compelling paragraphs of text that detail your product or service and create excitement around your offer. Each peace of sales copy will take on the specific task of presenting the benefits of each specific products to the audience, in order to generate enough interest to persuade visitors to click through to product page where you can present our offer in more detail.

This can be done with two kind of copies.
1. Long sales copy
2. Short sales copy

Long copy actually came from direct marketing sales that have been tested over and over again and always works. It can be 6 to 100 pages long and leads the reader through a proven sales process. In hundred percent of cases it has been proven to out perform short sales copy. The fact of the matter is long copy sells the best on the internet.

1. If you sell one product, you need long copy
2. If you sell a service, you need long copy
3. If you sell one type of product with limited variation you need a long copy.

Short Sales copy:
There are a few circumstances in where it can be used. For example if you have a catalog style site that offers a wide variety of products that fall into a number of different categories, a long sales letter just would not work for you.

A site like is a good example. They can not write a lengthy sales letter for everyone of its products.

You still need to grab the attention of the reader, to explore the site. You need to find a way to create credibility create a sense of trust with your potential customers so they can feel comfortable buying from you. You need to clearly state the benefits of your product.

In the short copy the need to take your customer by the hand and lead them smoothly through your sales copy is extremely important. It is much trickier and time consuming for an Internet marketer to write a short sales copy this way.

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