Friday, 12 February 2010

8 Ways to Find and Claim Free Money

Free money in this economy with the worst rescission since the great depression of 1920? How can you find free money these days? Yeah, it sounds unbelievable, but there are many ways you can find these kinds of money, you just need to know where to look. With a little research you can find many ways to find free money for different situations, like getting free money for buying your first house, money for paying your taxes, money for paying your collage, and etc. Here are some places you can use to get free money for whatever life throws at you.

Free Money From Pensions

It happens to many Americans. You work for a company, they had the pension plan which you signed up for. After a while the company is out of business, sold to another company or went bankrupt. What happened to your pension plan?....Most people forget about it, or don't think there is a way to get that money. Luckily there is the PBGC (Pension Benefits Guaranty Corporation) which allows you to search their database for free, to find out if any money is waiting for you. On average, $120 million a year goes unclaimed. Yes $120 million a year!

Free Money From Unclaimed Property Or Missing Money

I know there are many scams out there trying to sell you information about this, but it actually exist. Every year the federal and local governments, giveaway millions of dollars to people, who simply claim them. You never know if you have any unclaimed money, from a insurance payments or a forgotten utility deposits or what have you. A quick and simple way to find and claim your free money is, using Simply put your name in the search box, and it will reveal if you have any unclaimed property, whether its $20000 unclaimed cash, $1 cash or a $100 watch. They keep unclaimed properties for 3 to 5 years. You can also search, which is a national database supported by 40 of the 50 states.

Free Money From Government

If you have been a victim of disaster, or just need some help with your living expenses and health care bills, you may be eligible to get some money from the, which is a Government Benefit and Assistance Program.

Free Money For Foreclosure Help

This recession has made many people homeless. If you find yourself in a near foreclosure position, here is a source that can help you find free money, and the best possible way for you to stay at your home. It's a free service called HPF (Homeownership Preservation Foundation). You can visit their website at, or if you prefer talking to someone, here is their toll free number 888-995-HOPE.

Free Money For College

There is a free program offered by the government that helps first time undergraduate students, pay their college expenses. Based on your needs as a full time or part time student, you will get any where from $1000 to $7000 for each year of college. You don't have to pay this money back, its free money. The program is called Federal Pell Grant, and you can apply right online.

Free Money For Kids Health Insurance

Kid getting seek or being hospitalized, while it's every parents nightmare, not having enough money or the proper insurance to cover the cost, is parents worst nightmare. With the current health care crises and the rising cost of health insurance, many parents can't afford to get a decent health insurance for their kids. Fortunately every state in united states has a special program called "Insure Kids Now". They cover almost anything from simple routine checkups to hospitalizations. In most cases it wont cost you anything at all, but sometimes you may have to pay a little out of pocket, which still is a lot better than a private insurance or not having one at all.

Free Money For Energy Efficiency

Everyone knows some of the best and easiest ways to save money on energy cost are, good insulation, energy efficient windows and etc. If your thinking about doing this, Weatherization Assistance Program from U.S. Department of Energy is the best place to cover your costs up to $2500. Now that's hitting two birds with one stone. Not only you get to install energy efficient product, which will help bring your energy consumption cost down, you will also get it for free or little cost.

Free Money From Credit Cards

Credit card companies make millions of dollars from you using their service, why not for a change you make money or get free money using their service. Although most credit cards have some kind of cash back or points program, most people simply over look it. I mean if your going to buy something with your credit card no matter what, why not use a credit card that gives you rewards for using the card. Take Discover Card, whenever you use it to buy anything, from your everyday groceries to filing up your tank, you earn 5% cash back. Find and apply for cards with good reward program and get the free money. Search sites like to find a credit card that offers the highest and best rewards for your spending habits.

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